Easter in Summer

Zerf… you go there at Easter as there is rally. Well… right but due to the incredibly annoying and still lasting pandemic, Easter had to be moved to July this year. Consequently, this year’s rally Zerf was unusually hot.

For the first time this year, this rally was the possibility to check which progress we made since last year’s rally Kohle & Stahl.

The earnings of our international work showed up from the very beginning. From stage 1 on we had to let go Timo Bernhard and Dennis Rostek in their VW Polo R5 – as expected – but were able to contest the times of the fast Mitsubishi Evos in the entry list. The continuity then brought up that after 6 stages, we were finding ourselves on P3 overall with a lead of 10 seconds sharp.

Anyway, the last stage was the scared stage for us. The reason for that was a flat out passage of more than one kilometer and – as it was a circuit stage – this three times in a row. Due to the short transmission of the Fabia we collected in sum almost an entire minute of time in the RPM limiter, while the Evo opponents were running at topspeeds between 30 and 60 kph higher than ours. After a stage strictly pushing the limit, we managed to save 2 tenths of a second to the finish line and by that keep our overall podium.