Frustration at DRC prelude

Rallye Kempenich this weekend was planned as first rollout after the big winter revision at the Skoda and meanwhile the last test before the kickoff of Mitropa Rally Cup at Rebenland Rallye in Austria. The one and only positive aspect of this plan, but enough of the good news for the weekend.

From the first meters on, the rally was full of troubles for us. The car felt strange from the very beginning, brake balance didn’t get any close to a working state and after having problems with the intercom and switching to the spare intercom as a consequence, we thought that the rally could now slowly start for us – not even close! In SS 4 the AWD stopped working after a few curves sending the Fabia into FWD mode. We decided to cease the event. After disassembly then the bitter news: Gearbox had disassembled into its parts.

All in all a weekend to forget, in 2 weeks we head to the next attempt in Austria at Rebenland Rallye.