Learning Curve in Weiz Weather

“In Austria, a victory in Weiz is almost as precious as a victory at the Jänner Rally”

To be honest, this quote sums it up pretty much. Our trip to the Austrian State Rally Championship was embossed by a steep learning curve and – as we know Weiz from previous years – freak weather par excellence.

Although the Friday appeared to be completely dry, Styria’s tricky tarmac showed up as a really tough opponent. There was everything included from passages with limitless grip up to sections feeling like ice.

Saturday on the other hand, showed up as a almost completely rainy day. The Predominant weather was drizzle, but around lunch time a proper thunderstorm – the traditional “Weiz weather” – hit the rally. Against all those tricky circumstances which really made this event a more than tough one, we were at least able to set a few highlights. In some stages we were even able to catch up with the Styrian Fabia S2000 drivers. All in all a really successful weekend and a rally which is definitely worth another trip to Austria!