Second twice – Way forward

The most recent two rallies – Hinterland and Wartburg – ended up each with a second position overall for us, both times behind Björn Satorius in his Ford Fiesta R5. By that, we were able to show that our learning curve is still showing up and that we are slowly reaching the place where the S2000 should belong: Best of the rest behind the turbocharged R5/Rally2 cars.

Nevertheless, the characteristic of an event and it’s stages is still a quite important factor for us, due to the pretty short transmission of the S2000. Extremely long high speed passages beyond 170 kph – where our RPM limiter says hello – still get us into trouble and force us to push very hard to stay ahead of the Mitsubishi Evo armada, for instance at Wartburg Rallye last weekend. For this reasen, we will experiment a bit with the longer transmission at 3-Städte-Rallye around Freyung in 2 weeks. After that, we will have a better view, which of the two transmissions homologated might be the better-working solution for our regular use.

In  the meantime, for the sake of diversification I will compete with Damian Sawicki again. Next weekend, we will run the Rallye Bad Emstal in Northern Hesse. The car will once again be the renowned Subaru Impreza GT with which Damian was able to celebrate his first ever overall victory at Potzberg Rallye two weeks ago. The entry list is of high quality, but nevertheless we will try to run an attack for the overall podium. You can find information about the event under Calendar.