Welcome 2022!

And there it is the fabulous 2022, in which so many put hope for massive improvements. In this sense I want to wish you all a Happy New Year! One thing upfront: I as well have similar hopes myself, but how the year will evolve is rather in my own hands than in the general course of the pandemic.

The rough planning for our season 2022 has been finished with Thomas and is preliminarily limited to the Mitropa Cup as lead series and three additional starts in the German Championship being part of the newly initiated Gentlemen Trophy. Right now the plan for those three additional rallies contains Rallye Erzgebirge, Saarland-Pfalz Rallye and the newly initiated Rallye Mittelrhein. The entire program will be run in the Skoda Fabia S2000, which currently is disassembled to the raw bodyshell and is waiting for the revisions to be finished.

You will find the planned dates in the course of today right here on my homepage, further events will be published as agreed. What is definitely certain is one hting: 2022 will be a year with plenty of opportunities of which I hope to be able to take a few. Stay tuned!