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Second twice – Way forward

The most recent two rallies – Hinterland and Wartburg – ended up each with a second position overall for us, both times behind Björn Satorius in his Ford Fiesta R5. By that, we were able to show that our learning curve is still showing up and that we are slowly reaching the place where the

The Baltic Sea and it’s special Challenges

Cimbern Rallye in Süderbrarup – remembered by some as Wikinger Rallye from earlier years – had already turned out as challenging event last year. Together with Nicolai Göttig the goal was in particular about break points and (enormously important with all the blind crests) precision of the pacenotes. Many of those things from last year

Easter in Summer

Zerf… you go there at Easter as there is rally. Well… right but due to the incredibly annoying and still lasting pandemic, Easter had to be moved to July this year. Consequently, this year’s rally Zerf was unusually hot. For the first time this year, this rally was the possibility to check which progress we

Learning Curve in Weiz Weather

“In Austria, a victory in Weiz is almost as precious as a victory at the Jänner Rally” To be honest, this quote sums it up pretty much. Our trip to the Austrian State Rally Championship was embossed by a steep learning curve and – as we know Weiz from previous years – freak weather par

First Podium 2021

Actually the past weekend was planned for recreation. Actually, the Baltic Sea is too far away for a 2 day trip. And actually, I am codriver to someone called Göttig, but this guy’s name is Nicolai… Nothing is older than yesterday’s plan and so I got contacted by Stefan Göttig – Nicolai’s father – one

Season Start Review

The first rallies of the year are done and the off-week is now offering the chance to take a look back at the rallies done so far – by the way with 3 events in 3 different countries the most international season kickoff so far. I started the season together with Thomas Lorenz in the

Stemwede and Reports

This season finally has started and after 2 rallies abroad in Europe, we are heading for the German Championship kickoff to Stemwede today. I am sitting in Thomas Lorenz’  Skoda Fabia S2000 as in May in Czech Republic. You can find information about the rally as well as itinerary and live timing at the event

Bright spots

Almost 3 months have passed by since the last post and since this time, I started a lot of plannings to in the end discard them. But now it finally looks like we could start season 2021. For the kickoff I will travel to Czech Republic together with Thomas. On May, 22 the ACCR is

Sunday Corona Update

The first dates of our 2021 agenda have been online for about one month and the plan… well, it’s not really worth a penny anymore. The DRM kickoff at the “Erzgebirge” was postponed until further notice and it is questionable, whether a new date will be published for 2021. So the immortal policy “nothing is

New website online!

After a pretty long while of being absent, the new homepage finally went live again! The design got a basic rework so that we can start into the new season in fresh style. To celebrate the day, the first dates for the 2021 season have already been announced right now! The German Rally Championship is